Western Mass Wildlife Removal

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Logo for Western Mass Wildlife Removal

Western Mass Wildlife Removal started a local SEO campaign in December of 2019 where the goal was to increase visibility in Google local search for more animal removal related searches.

This was done through content creation, on-page search engine optimization, creating of niche specific citations, and claiming their Google Business Profile.

Since then, they have grown their website from 157 organic impressions in November 2019 to over 19,000 impressions in March of 2020. And the growth has continued into 2022.

Screenshot from Google Search Console.

Impressions, or appearances in Google Search and Google Discover, have increased month-over-month resulting in more traffic to the business website.

Screenshot of unbranded search queries.

The site is now ranking for dozens non-branded keywords. Non-branded keywords are search terms that do not include any variations of the business name. This means more people are discovering the business for the first time through searches about questions related to wildlife removal, animal sounds, and how to detect animal droppings.

Screenshot of Google Search Console coverage.

A steady increase in the number of pages added to the website has allowed for more pages to rank for different keywords. The coverage report inside of Google Search Console shows that growth over time. If you have any questions about this project, or would like to know more about SEO services for pest control companies, please reach out through the contact page.