Alternative Telecom and Security

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Alternative Telecom and Security was looking for ways to increase web traffic and grow their business online. 

I began working with Karen and her team on ad-hoc projects to claim and update their Google My Business listing or update a page on their website back in late 2019.

Despite the work being done in Fall of 2019, you can start to see a small growth in organic traffic near the end of December into January 2020.

This encouraged Karen to move forward with more SEO projects like improving the health and content on their website.

The project started with making the following changes to their website:

  • Coordinating a campaign to collect customer feedback
  • Adding a single call-to-action to their home and service pages
  • Writing new content in order to rank for more keywords
Screenshot of reviews.

n order to increase organic traffic from Google, I helped Alternative Telecom and Security,

  • Upload photos and post to Google My Business
  • Create content and build internal links on their website
  • Add and fix business listings online
  • Request and manage reviews

Those tasks have been reviewed and completed throughout 2020 and you can see the steady growth in organic traffic to their website, new business listings online, and the number of reviews.

Screenshot of citations.

Benefit from a Healthy Website

Using Ahrefs Site Audit tool and Google Search Console, each month a series of improvements to their website were made.

This covered everything from missing alt text, to improving page speed, and much more. After a few months they reached a 100% health score in Ahrefs, with a Wix website. 😲

Before you write comments let me be clear, just because your website has a 100 health score in Ahrefs, does not mean your site will rank.

The purpose of using Ahrefs Health Score tool is to find errors and issues that need to be addressed like 400 and 500 errors, slow page performance, and more. And as you can see in the screenshot below, this took several (10) weeks of work to achieve.

Screenshot of Ahrefs.

Dominate Local Search

The goal, of course, is to dominate local search for the right search intent by also keeping their GMB listing healthy and active.

  • Adding new photos regularly
  • Complete all fields from the info tab of GMB
  • Consistently requesting and receiving reviews
  • Responding to all reviews in a timely fashion

The challenge is being consistent in these tasks.

Local SEO Checklist

Going through my local SEO checklist has allowed Alternative Telecom and Security to rank for more keywords and get discovered by more people across Western Massachusetts and North Connecticut.

Let me know if you are interested in learning more about local search or want to schedule a consultation.