Graphic of a billboard truck

Using a digital mobile billboard to promote a local event or a business promotion is exciting and fun! It is also fantastic way to maximize impressions and awareness in your community.

Seeing the bright reflections of your brand flash across street intersections will build confidence and excitement for your business. What an exciting way to create buzz for your business.


What a Digital Mobile Billboard Looks Like

Bright, brilliant and shiny are all adjectives to describe the mobile billboard. Unfortunately, they really don’t capture the experience. Even video doesn’t do it justice as the progressive scan display can look like it’s flickering. The naked eye doesn’t see the refresh of the images so video footage can be misleading.

Check out the footage below.

Mobile Billboards for Local Marketing

Should you consider a digital mobile billboard for my business marketing? The short answer is yes! Now, there are many things to consider before you jump in. Your location, your budget, and your goals as a local business need to be considered before you invest.

Overall, the objective with a digital mobile billboard campaign is awareness and impressions. Not necessarily conversions or sales. Once you understand what the campaign is intended to deliver, you can then plan on digital mobile billboards to compliment your other local marketing efforts.

Screenshot of a map route.

Another way to think about a mobile billboard is to identify a short-term campaign or offer. For example a restaurant can display an exclusive coupon code so that customers get a great deal if they see the truck.

You can also consider promoting a holiday event or special promotion in the days leading up to the event. This is very effective if you run the mobile billboard in the area you hope to attract consumers from. This will bring lots of attention both on-the-street and online.


What to Include in Your Mobile Billboard Campaign

For most campaigns a digital mobile billboard should remain easy to read and understand. Remember, the reader only gets a split second to read it. Treat it like a street sign. Here’s a few tips on how to create an effective mobile billboard.

  • Use 8 words or less.
    • Anything more is too long and hard to read.
  • Include website and/or phone number.
    • Make it easy to reach you when someone sees the billboard.
  • Contrast is king.
    • Dark backgrounds with light text or light text over a dark background really pop.

Here are several websites to visit and get inspired for your own digital billboard.


Mobile Billboards for Local Business

Digital mobile billboards are a fun and exciting marketing campaign that I recommend every business try at least once. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please do reach out by visiting the contact page.